Kappa Kappa Psi

Active and Inactive Chapters

* Indicates an inactive Chapter
001. Alpha Oklahoma State University Southwest
002. Beta Montana State University Midwest
003. Gamma University of Washington Western
004. Delta University of Oklahoma Southwest
005. Epsilon Mississippi State University Southeast
006. Zeta * INACTIVE Pennsylvania State University Northeast
007. Eta The Ohio State University North Central
008. Theta Oregon State University Western
009. Iota Georgia Institute of Technology Southeast
011. Lambda University of Arkansas Southwest
012. Mu * INACTIVE University of North Dakota Midwest
013. Nu University of Michigan North Central
014. Xi Colorado School Of Mines Midwest
015. Omicron West Virginia University Northeast
016. Pi Auburn University Southeast
017. Rho Tulane University Southwest
018. Sigma Ohio Northern University North Central
019. Tau * INACTIVE University of Montana Midwest
020. Upsilon * INACTIVE University of Cincinnati North Central
021. Phi * INACTIVE Stanford University Western
022. Chi * INACTIVE University of California, Berkeley Western
023. Psi University of California, Los Angeles Western
024. Omega * INACTIVE University of Arizona Western
025. Alpha Alpha PROBATION University of Nevada Western
026. Alpha Beta Butler University North Central
027. Alpha Gamma * INACTIVE Duke University Southeast
028. Alpha Delta Ohio University North Central
029. Alpha Epsilon * INACTIVE Temple University Northeast
030. Alpha Zeta Indiana University North Central
031. Alpha Eta University of Florida Southeast
032. Alpha Theta University of Northern Colorado Midwest
033. Alpha Iota University of Colorado Midwest
034. Alpha Kappa * INACTIVE The George Washington University Northeast
035. Alpha Lambda * INACTIVE University of Denver Midwest
036. Alpha Mu * INACTIVE North Dakota State University Midwest
037. Alpha Nu University of Wyoming Midwest
038. Alpha Xi * INACTIVE Stetson University Southeast
039. Alpha Omicron Texas Tech University Southwest
040. Alpha Pi * INACTIVE University of Tulsa Southwest
041. Alpha Rho Northeastern State University Southwest
042. Alpha Sigma University of Tampa Southeast
043. Alpha Tau University of Texas at Austin Southwest
044. Alpha Upsilon * INACTIVE University of Southern California Western
045. Alpha Phi * INACTIVE Rutgers University Northeast
046. Alpha Chi University of Texas at El Paso Southwest
047. Alpha Psi West Texas A & M University Southwest
048. Alpha Omega University of Pittsburgh Northeast
049. Beta Alpha Baylor University Southwest
050. Beta Beta * INACTIVE University of Mississippi Southeast
051. Beta Gamma Louisiana State University Southwest
052. Beta Delta * INACTIVE Sam Houston State University Southwest
053. Beta Epsilon * INACTIVE University of South Dakota Midwest
054. Beta Zeta * INACTIVE Long Island University Northeast
055. Beta Eta * INACTIVE University of Tennessee Southeast
056. Beta Theta * INACTIVE University of Utah Western
057. Beta Iota * INACTIVE Nebraska Wesleyan University Midwest
058. Beta Kappa Bowling Green State University North Central
059. Beta Lambda Eastern New Mexico University Southwest
060. Beta Mu * INACTIVE Emory University Southeast
061. Beta Nu * INACTIVE VanderCook College of Music North Central
062. Beta Xi * INACTIVE Sul Ross State University Southwest
063. Beta Omicron Arizona State University Western
064. Beta Pi * INACTIVE Drury College Midwest
065. Beta Rho University of Toledo North Central
066. Beta Sigma University of Houston Southwest
067. Beta Tau * INACTIVE The Wichita State University Midwest
068. Beta Upsilon * INACTIVE Abilene Christian University Southwest
069. Beta Phi * INACTIVE Southern Methodist University Southwest
070. Beta Chi University of Virginia Northeast
071. Beta Psi Kent State University North Central
072. Beta Omega * INACTIVE Case-Western Reserve University North Central
073. Gamma Alpha PROBATION Midwestern State University Southwest
074. Gamma Beta * INACTIVE Brigham Young University, Idaho (Ricks) Western
075. Gamma Gamma * INACTIVE Oklahoma Panhandle State University Southwest
076. Gamma Delta Wayne State College Midwest
077. Gamma Epsilon * INACTIVE Hobart College Northeast
078. Gamma Zeta Lamar University Southwest
079. Gamma Eta SUSPENDED New Mexico State University Southwest
080. Gamma Theta East Central University Southwest
081. Gamma Iota University of New Mexico Southwest
082. Gamma Kappa Northern Arizona University Western
083. Gamma Lambda * INACTIVE Doane College Midwest
084. Gamma Mu * INACTIVE University of Pennsylvania Northeast
085. Gamma Nu PROBATION Florida State University Southeast
086. Gamma Xi * INACTIVE University of Maryland Northeast
087. Gamma Omicron Otterbein University North Central
088. Gamma Pi Purdue University North Central
089. Gamma Rho * INACTIVE New Mexico Highlands University Southwest
090. Gamma Sigma Texas Christian University Southwest
091. Gamma Tau * INACTIVE Lycoming College Northeast
092. Gamma Upsilon * INACTIVE Ohio Wesleyan University North Central
093. Gamma Phi PROBATION Stephen F. Austin State University Southwest
094. Gamma Chi PROBATION University of Southern Mississippi Southeast
095. Gamma Psi * INACTIVE College of William and Mary Northeast
096. Gamma Omega Texas Southern University Southwest
097. Delta Alpha Langston University Southwest
098. Delta Beta * INACTIVE Baldwin-Wallace College North Central
099. Delta Gamma Missouri University of Science and Technology Midwest
100. Delta Delta * INACTIVE Arkansas Tech University Southwest
101. Delta Epsilon * INACTIVE Samford University Southeast
102. Delta Zeta * INACTIVE Cornell University Northeast
103. Delta Eta * INACTIVE Pittsburg State University Midwest
104. Delta Theta * INACTIVE Jacksonville University Southeast
105. Delta Iota Florida A & M University Southeast
106. Delta Kappa * INACTIVE South Dakota State University Midwest
107. Delta Lambda * INACTIVE Eastern Washington State University Western
108. Delta Mu * INACTIVE Humboldt State University Western
109. Delta Nu * INACTIVE Morris Harvey College Northeast
110. Delta Xi * INACTIVE Emporia State University Midwest
111. Delta Omicron University of Connecticut Northeast
112. Delta Pi PROBATION Mississippi Valley State University Southeast
113. Delta Rho * INACTIVE Arkansas State University Southwest
114. Delta Sigma PROBATION University of Texas at Arlington Southwest
115. Delta Tau * INACTIVE Adams State College Midwest
116. Delta Upsilon Eastern Michigan University North Central
117. Delta Phi * INACTIVE Xavier University North Central
118. Delta Chi Southern Arkansas University Southwest
119. Delta Psi Prairie View A & M University Southwest
120. Delta Omega * INACTIVE Ferris State University North Central
121. Epsilon Alpha * INACTIVE University of Arkansas, Little Rock Southwest
122. Epsilon Beta University of Central Arkansas Southwest
123. Epsilon Gamma Alabama State University Southeast
124. Epsilon Delta Texas A & M University at Kingsville Southwest
125. Epsilon Epsilon Southwestern Oklahoma State University Southwest
126. Epsilon Zeta Oklahoma Baptist University Southwest
127. Epsilon Eta * INACTIVE Western State College Midwest
128. Epsilon Theta University of Louisiana at Monroe Southwest
129. Epsilon Iota PROBATION Mansfield University Northeast
130. Epsilon Kappa * INACTIVE Angelo State University Southwest
131. Epsilon Lambda Western Carolina University Southeast
132. Epsilon Mu * INACTIVE Wayland Baptist University Southwest
133. Epsilon Nu University of Massachusetts Northeast
134. Epsilon Xi Miami University North Central
135. Epsilon Omicron * INACTIVE Wagner College Northeast
136. Epsilon Pi Kansas State University Midwest
137. Epsilon Rho Grambling State University Southwest
138. Epsilon Sigma * INACTIVE California State University, Sacramento Western
139. Epsilon Tau * INACTIVE Oral Roberts University Southwest
140. Epsilon Upsilon University of Maine Northeast
141. Epsilon Phi Pennsylvania Western University Clarion Northeast
142. Epsilon Chi University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Southwest
143. Epsilon Psi Missouri State University Midwest
144. Epsilon Omega University of Nebraska at Lincoln Midwest
145. Zeta Alpha Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Northeast
146. Zeta Beta Howard Payne University Southwest
147. Zeta Gamma Texas Lutheran University Southwest
148. Zeta Delta * INACTIVE Southwest Baptist University Midwest
149. Zeta Epsilon Michigan State University North Central
150. Zeta Zeta PROBATION University of Arkansas at Monticello Southwest
151. Zeta Eta South Carolina State University Southeast
152. Zeta Theta * INACTIVE West Virginia Institute of Technology Northeast
153. Zeta Iota * INACTIVE Lane College Southeast
154. Zeta Kappa Texas A & M University at Commerce Southwest
155. Zeta Lambda Marshall University North Central
156. Zeta Mu * INACTIVE Kutztown University Northeast
157. Zeta Nu * INACTIVE Southern University Southwest
158. Zeta Xi PROBATION Tyler Junior College Southwest
159. Zeta Omicron The University of Akron North Central
160. Zeta Pi Tennessee State University Southeast
161. Zeta Rho * INACTIVE Modesto Junior College Western
162. Zeta Sigma North Carolina Central University Southeast
163. Zeta Tau SUSPENDED Cameron University Southwest
164. Zeta Upsilon PROBATION Troy University Southeast
165. Zeta Phi Tuskegee University Southeast
166. Zeta Chi University of South Carolina Southeast
167. Zeta Psi Virginia State University Northeast
168. Zeta Omega * INACTIVE Weber State University Western
169. Eta Alpha Lock Haven University Northeast
170. Eta Beta Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Northeast
171. Eta Gamma Morgan State University Northeast
172. Eta Delta Eastern Illinois University North Central
173. Eta Epsilon * INACTIVE Illinois State University North Central
174. Eta Zeta University of Kansas Midwest
175. Eta Eta Jackson State University Southeast
176. Eta Theta * INACTIVE Nicholls State University Southwest
177. Eta Iota * INACTIVE Bethune-Cookman University Southeast
178. Eta Kappa Albany State University Southeast
179. Eta Lambda * INACTIVE Carson Newman College Southeast
180. Eta Mu * INACTIVE San Diego State University Western
181. Eta Nu Southeastern Oklahoma State University Southwest
182. Eta Xi Louisiana Tech University Southwest
183. Eta Omicron James Madison University Northeast
184. Eta Pi University of Northern Iowa Midwest
185. Eta Rho West Chester University Northeast
186. Eta Sigma University of Central Florida Southeast
187. Eta Tau * INACTIVE Allegheny College Northeast
188. Eta Upsilon University of Missouri-Columbia Midwest
189. Eta Phi Syracuse University Northeast
190. Eta Chi * INACTIVE Bowie State University Northeast
191. Eta Psi * INACTIVE Delaware State University Northeast
192. Eta Omega Howard University Northeast
193. Theta Alpha Texas State University at San Marcos Southwest
194. Theta Beta Boston University Northeast
195. Theta Gamma Pennsylvania Western University California Northeast
196. Theta Delta * INACTIVE Central State University North Central
197. Theta Epsilon University of Kentucky North Central
198. Theta Zeta Ashland University North Central
199. Theta Eta * INACTIVE University of Louisville North Central
200. Theta Theta University of Alabama at Birmingham Southeast
201. Theta Iota * INACTIVE Baker University Midwest
202. Theta Kappa PROBATION Tarleton State University Southwest
203. Theta Lambda University of Memphis Southeast
204. Theta Mu * INACTIVE Johnson C. Smith University Southeast
205. Theta Nu Northwestern State University of Louisiana Southwest
206. Theta Xi * INACTIVE Southern Connecticut State University Northeast
207. Theta Omicron * INACTIVE Georgia Southwestern State University Southeast
208. Theta Pi * INACTIVE Brigham Young University Western
209. Theta Rho PROBATION Lincoln University Midwest
210. Theta Sigma Fairmont State University Northeast
211. Theta Tau Fayetteville State University Southeast
212. Theta Upsilon University of Rhode Island Northeast
213. Theta Phi Henderson State University Southwest
214. Theta Chi Livingstone College Southeast
215. Theta Psi * INACTIVE Virginia Union University Northeast
216. Theta Omega * INACTIVE University of North Alabama Southeast
217. Iota Alpha California State University at Fresno Western
218. Iota Beta Alcorn State University Southeast
219. Iota Gamma Washington State University Western
220. Iota Delta Towson University Northeast
221. Iota Epsilon * INACTIVE Cumberland College North Central
222. Iota Zeta North Carolina A & T State University Southeast
223. Iota Eta * INACTIVE Waynesburg College Northeast
224. Iota Theta * INACTIVE Morehouse College Southeast
225. Iota Iota * INACTIVE Utah State University Western
226. Iota Kappa Boise State University Western
227. Iota Lambda University of Mount Union North Central
228. Iota Mu PROBATION Kentucky State University North Central
229. Iota Nu * INACTIVE Alabama A & M University Southeast
230. Iota Xi Norfolk State University Northeast
231. Iota Omicron Appalachian State University Southeast
232. Iota Pi California Polytechnic State University, SLO Western
233. Iota Rho * INACTIVE Morris Brown College Southeast
234. Iota Sigma Blinn College Southwest
235. Iota Tau * INACTIVE Clark Atlanta University Southeast
236. Iota Upsilon McNeese State University Southwest
237. Iota Phi University of New Hampshire Northeast
238. Iota Chi * INACTIVE Youngstown State University North Central
239. Iota Psi University of Nebraska at Kearney Midwest
240. Iota Omega Iowa State University Midwest
241. Kappa Alpha University of Minnesota Midwest
242. Kappa Beta Clemson University Southeast
243. Kappa Gamma Lehigh University Northeast
244. Kappa Delta Northwest Missouri State University Midwest
245. Kappa Epsilon PROBATION Shenandoah University Northeast
246. Kappa Zeta INVESTIGATIVE HOLD Wake Forest University Southeast
247. Kappa Eta S.U.N.Y - Buffalo Northeast
248. Kappa Theta * INACTIVE Liberty University Northeast
249. Kappa Iota University of Nebraska at Omaha Midwest
250. Kappa Kappa Miles College Southeast
251. Kappa Lambda Winston-Salem State University Southeast
252. Kappa Mu University of Georgia Southeast
253. Kappa Nu Northern Illinois University North Central
254. Kappa Xi * INACTIVE Northeastern Oklahoma A & M College Southwest
255. Kappa Omicron * INACTIVE Stillman College Southeast
256. Kappa Pi * INACTIVE Claflin University Southeast
257. Kappa Rho * INACTIVE Duquesne University Northeast
258. Kappa Sigma East Carolina University Southeast
259. Kappa Tau University of South Florida Southeast
260. Kappa Upsilon Marist College Northeast
261. Kappa Phi * INACTIVE East Texas Baptist University Southwest
262. Kappa Chi Albion College North Central
263. Kappa Psi Virginia Commonwealth University Northeast
264. Kappa Omega * INACTIVE Northern Kentucky University North Central
265. Lambda Alpha * INACTIVE University of California, Irvine Western
266. Lambda Beta * INACTIVE Charleston Southern University Southeast
267. Lambda Gamma Florida International University Southeast
268. Lambda Delta Shippensburg University Northeast
269. Lambda Epsilon * INACTIVE Ouachita Baptist University Southwest
270. Lambda Zeta * INACTIVE Fort Valley State University Southeast
271. Lambda Eta * INACTIVE University of West Georgia Southeast
272. Lambda Theta * INACTIVE Coastal Carolina University Southeast
273. Lambda Iota Tiffin University North Central
274. Lambda Kappa University of Arkansas - Fort Smith Southwest
275. Lambda Lambda Indiana State University North Central
276. Lambda Mu * INACTIVE East Tennessee State University Southeast
277. Lambda Nu Sacred Heart University Northeast
278. Lambda Xi * INACTIVE Southeastern Louisiana University Southwest
279. Lambda Omicron Valdosta State University Southeast
280. Lambda Pi * INACTIVE University of Texas at Tyler Southwest
281. Lambda Rho Tennessee Tech University Southeast
282. Lambda Sigma * INACTIVE Coahoma Community College Southeast
283. Lambda Tau Central Michigan University North Central
284. Lambda Upsilon Savannah State University Southeast
285. Lambda Phi PROBATION Kean University Northeast
286. Lambda Chi SUSPENDED Quincy University North Central
287. Lambda Psi San Jose State University Western
288. Lambda Omega * INACTIVE Northwestern Oklahoma State University Southwest
289. Mu Alpha * INACTIVE McKendree University North Central
290. Mu Beta Florida Atlantic University Southeast
291. Mu Gamma * INACTIVE Houston Baptist University Southwest
292. Mu Delta Western Michigan University North Central
293. Mu Epsilon East Stroudsburg University Northeast
294. Mu Zeta * INACTIVE Diablo Valley College Western
295. Mu Eta University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Southeast
296. Mu Theta * INACTIVE Bethel University Southeast
297. Mu Iota * INACTIVE Jacksonville State University Southeast
298. Mu Kappa Grand Valley State University North Central
299. Mu Lambda * INACTIVE University of Mary Hardin-Baylor Southwest
300. Mu Mu * INACTIVE University of Central Oklahoma Southwest
301. Mu Nu Christopher Newport University Northeast
302. Mu Xi Muhlenberg College Northeast
303. Mu Omicron George Mason University Northeast
304. Mu Pi University of Oregon Western
305. Mu Rho Benedict College Southeast
306. Mu Sigma Lincoln University Northeast
307. Mu Tau PROBATION University of Texas at San Antonio Southwest
308. Mu Upsilon * INACTIVE Florida Gulf Coast University Southeast
309. Mu Phi * INACTIVE Fullerton College Western
310. Mu Chi University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Southwest
311. Mu Psi * INACTIVE Texas College Southwest
312. Mu Omega Huntingdon College Southeast
313. Nu Alpha Georgia State University Southeast
314. Nu Beta * INACTIVE Texas Wesleyan University Southwest
315. Nu Gamma Robert Morris University Northeast
316. Nu Delta McMurry University Southwest
317. Nu Epsilon * INACTIVE Idaho State University Western
318. Nu Zeta Pennsylvania Western University Edinboro Northeast
319. Nu Eta * INACTIVE Saint Augustine's University Southeast
320. Nu Theta Northeastern University Northeast
321. Nu Iota Elizabeth City State University Southeast
322. Nu Kappa Georgia Southern University Southeast
323. Nu Lambda * INACTIVE Arkansas State University - Beebe Southwest
324. Nu Mu Kennesaw State University Southeast
325. Nu Nu University of Alabama Southeast
326. Nu Xi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign North Central
327. Nu Omicron University of New Haven Northeast
328. Nu Pi University of Illinois at Chicago North Central
329. Nu Rho Old Dominion University Northeast
330. Nu Sigma California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Western
331. Nu Tau High Point University Southeast
332. Nu Upsilon Ball State University North Central
333. Nu Phi * INACTIVE Schreiner University Southwest
334. Nu Chi Wilkes University Northeast
335. Nu Psi PROBATION Chicago State University North Central
336. Nu Omega Hampton University Northeast
337. Xi Alpha Shepherd University Northeast
338. Xi Beta University of North Texas Southwest
339. Xi Gamma SUSPENDED Cleveland State University North Central
340. Xi Delta Stony Brook University Northeast


Kappa Colorado State University Midwest
Widener Petitioning Group Widener University Northeast
Florida Memorial Petitioning Group Florida Memorial University Southeast